The brief to design a music retreat including a performance hall and accommodation for SISTEMA Scotland in Balloch was refreshing and challenging. It was important to consider energy, landscape and culture and bring them all together. With the site being so close to home i wanted to capture the feelings and memories i had of visiting the site as a child; taking the train to the last stop in Balloch where ironically the journey only just began, discovering Loch Lomond only a footsteps away. Inspired by my trip around Scotland visiting the Maggie's Centres', I further looked into the work of Frank Gehry. The curvature in his architecture and abstract angles led me to creating two very different buildings which were to contrast but also compliment each other.
The combination of a residential and performance space is captured within the landscape of Balloch. Its beautiful surroundings remain uninterrupted with the buildings matching the tranquil setting. The juxtaposition of the buildings catches the eye of by passers and lures them in for more.
The way the buildings interact with one another is portrayed in this social scene. An open private space connects the two buildings together, allowing the children to interact with one another and remain in a safe space.
The site was located on the shores of Loch Lomond in Balloch. The placement of the buildings was chosen because of the incredible views and history of the pier. The buildings are aligned with the pier both horizontally and vertically. Surrounded by trees there is a lot of privacy and a connection with nature. This was important for the children. 
Perspective Section Through Accommodation 

Bedroom View 1

Bedroom View 2

Perspective Section Through Performance Hall
Performance Hall View 1
Performance Hall View 2

Long Section Through Site

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